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The Kerr - Carpenter - Haigis House in Foxborough, Massachusetts

The Kerr Carpenter Haigis House

The Kerr - Carpenter - Haigis house circa 1880s.

This website details the history of the Kerr - Carpenter - Haigis House and its recent restoration. Originally built circa 1825 at the corner of Central and Liberty Streets, the house was saved from demolition and moved in October of 2006 to the corner of Clark and Central Streets.

While many residents refer to this as the E.P. Carpenter House for the home's most famous resident, we feel that after reading the details preserved here you will recognize the contributions of the three families that have lived in the home and, you too, will come to see it as the Kerr - Carpenter - Haigis House.

We are happy to announce that as of early 2012, the home has new owners. While the saving of the house was a community effort, we ask that you respect the privacy of the new owners as they begin another chapter in the history of this historic home. We wish them nothing but the best.

11/10/2013: At some point the content on this website will be moved to the Foxborough Historical Commission's website. Please take this opportunity to click on the Foxborough History link on the bottom left of this page or directly below and save that site to your bookmarks today!

Foxborough History

Please check back for updates - This website last updated 12/11/2013

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